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Are you looking for a company to ship your car to your new home? When you are undergoing a long distance or international move, you may need a mover to ship your car for you. The auto movers at B&J Moving are experienced and knowledgeable in the art of moving automobiles. As an agent for North American, we have access to the moving equipment and training necessary to be able to properly and more efficiently transport your automobile.

Our Lansing auto moving company will arrive to pick up your automobile and carefully load it onto our air-ride equipped moving trucks. The car will then be secured onto the truck, and our movers will double-check that your car is safely in place before moving the moving truck. Our automobile movers will then transport your car to its new home, ensuring that it arrives on time and in the same condition it left you in. B&J Moving's car movers will then just as carefully unload your automobile and check that no damage has been done. We are also truck movers and can perform classic car moving. Our moving company has a good track record of moving cars safely and ensuring that they are in good condition when they arrive at their destination.

For exemplary car moving services, call B&J Moving. We also offer very competitive pricing. You can fill out our free, online quote form right now to receive your free estimate. Our automobile movers are excited to fulfill all of your auto shipping needs.